Where we make our last stand

Where we make our last stand

Today is the last day of January. The first month of 2017 comes to an end with a dark outcome that left me sorrowful. I will not talk about any political moves or news here, as this post is not intended to recap what we are seeing in the media.

The only thing I want to remind you, is what I mentioned in some other post lately (Do you Change the Ideas or the Way of Thinking?). Our role as Graduate Students is quite important, as we help to drive the mankind development from each one of our areas. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a new alloy, creating a new vaccine or studying an ancient text. Every single one of these works matters, as they are focused on improving our living conditions and/or our understanding of the past, present and future.

Last stand

Photo by Luis Villegas. Bayfront park Hamilton, Ontario. 


A year that’s new (4) : Thoughts, Moments, Lessons, Hopes


That’s enough of looking back. Here’s to the year ahead – wide open and ready to be written. Full of hope and promise! Here are some of my wishes for 2012.

  • I hope that 2012 will bring only those challenges which are absolutely necessary, as 2011 brought enough challenges to last a while!
  • I hope to complain ONLY about what is really worth complaining about.
  • I hope for the year to be filled with new recipes, new adventures near or far, new memories with old friends, new research contacts and new developments in my projects.
  • I hope for a super productive year where I am filled with energy and able to accomplish a LOT in my work. (more…)
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