Guest Post: Why Opera is Important

This post is reproduced with permission from Mark Ellis Gough, opera singer with Opera Lyra in Ottawa.  I feel he conveys a very important and convincing message, which is important for everyone curious about opera to read.  Thank-you, Mark!

Why Opera is important

By Mark Ellis Gough

When Ty Paterson asked me to write something for the Opera Lyra Ottawa Conductor’s Blog I wanted to write something that was important to me. I’ve decided to write a little blurb about how I feel about my art. The vast majority of this little essay is based entirely on my opinions and gut feelings and unfortunately has no academic clout whatsoever. This is unfortunate as I really want to convince my fellow arts lovers and theatre goers that Opera is an important, relevant, passionate, and beautiful genre. When I tell people that I’m an opera singer I’m often greeted with surprise, “Really? People still sing Opera? I had no idea!” I find this state of affairs unacceptable. The Operatic Arts are not in decline as some people think but they are evolving into a provocative medium for drama, comedy, and some of the greatest music ever written. I want to write a few paragraphs that will help convince you not only of the relevance of Opera to our cultural life, but that it is superior as an art form.


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