Thinking outside the box: Your PhD conveyed through a photo … or dance!

A topic that has come up several times on our blog this year is how to make your PhD research accessible to others who do not share your lab-space, or your brain, 24/7. My fellow GradLife blogger Crystal challenged us PhD students to explain our research with an audience of ten year-olds in mind, while Zsofia challenged us to “explain the subject we eat, sleep and breathe in only 124 characters”. In fact, communicating our work to the public is an immensely important skill to develop. Why else do we do this research, than to advance scientific knowledge and have this knowledge impact the community at large?

While we are constantly encouraged to write “lay summaries” of our work (and, let’s face it, they never turn out to be completely free of scientific jargon, do they?), or “keep an interdisciplinary audience in mind” when putting abstracts together for conferences, the real challenge is when we are forced to think even MORE outside of the box!


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