Vivete felici (Live happy)

It was my husband who first introduced me to the world of classical music, back when we met ten years ago. My affection for this genre grew slowly, but steadily. At first, I would enjoy the pieces but, because they would fade into the background, I would never remember them. With time, I noticed that I was occasionally able to correctly identify composers, rather than making random guesses hoping to be correct and to impress him in the early stages of our relationship (“Mozart, right?” Because, when in doubt, Mozart was a pretty safe guess). Later on, I grew more selective in my taste; I learned which pieces I adored, and which ones didn’t evoke anything in me. Eventually, it was me who began to introduce my husband to tons of new classical music – some very different pieces than what he would actually listen to in the past – and ended up adding to his enormous collection of composers and pieces. I have my favorites, some popular and some obscure, most of which are Baroque and Romantic, and almost all of which are strings.


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