Dog Days

by Tracey B Regimbal
We’ve all heard of exam anxiety. We’re also familiar with puppy love. But have we heard of combining the two? Dalhousie recently raised a helping paw to facilitate their students during this stressful period. What did they do? A puppy room.

Girl and Dog

Puppy Room
A room filled with puppies.
Help students combat their exam anxiety.


What could be better than Dalhousie’s Dog Days? McGill’s very own! On December 4 and 6, 2012, Redpath Library  will be opening its doors (for the second time) to a campus-wide therapy session as we play host to cuddly canines. University students and faculty can fight their anxiety by opening their arms to the puppies – a welcome distraction to grueling schedules and daunting exams.


Do you think you own your digital library?

Bruce Willis in the film Die Hard 4. Photograph: Frank Masi

A few months ago a rumour went viral on the internet: Bruce Willis was suing Apple for the right to pass on his iTunes library to his daughters in his will. The rumour was denied by his wife shortly after – not before many news sites reproduced the story though. In any case, this is not a post about the decline of journalism in which being the “first” (or at least one of the first) to report is more important than actually checking what you’re reporting… This is a brief discussion of the question raised by the fictive legal action that – in my humble opinion – we don’t discuss deeply enough.

Bringing it to our academic world, perhaps the discussion of owning or having rights to reproduce a music file on iTunes is not relevant, but as we move more and more our lives to the cloud (I know, this is becoming a cliché), we need to understand what this actually means in terms of ownership (or the lack thereof) of digital goods. (more…)

McGill is Awesome

Me in front of the Schulich School of Music

A lot of people enter their universities with awe and wonder, and exit disenchanted and apathetic (or angry).  I will admit to having been one of those people in the past, and I think it is normal.  After all, we are paying the universities big bucks to teach us things, stretch us, force us to do work that we otherwise would never do, and hold us to high expectations and guidelines that we would never place on ourselves.  It is destined to be a love-hate relationship between students and their institutions.

Although I am not under the impression that McGill is perfect in every way, I have really appreciated this institution throughout the process of my Master’s degree.  Here’s why:


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