Food for Everybody! Cooking with the Midnight Kitchen


The Midnight Kitchen in Action

One of the better-kept secrets among graduate students on campus is the Midnight Kitchen. The Kitchen – also known simply as ‘MK’ – is a non-profit organization that provides a free, balanced and complete vegan lunch to students, every day of the week, every semester, since 2002. Whilst it is quite famous among undergraduates – partly because it operates out of their SSMU building (3600 McTavish) – it is somewhat less well-known among graduates, although it’s always been open to them, too. Either way, I wanted to take a look behind the curtains, and so I decided to join the MK team for a morning, to cook it up for the around 250 hungry students – grads and undergrads alike – that were, like every day, to be expected for lunch!


Midnight Kitchen

Just a quick note about a gem that few grad students seem to know about: Midnight Kitchen. Midnight kitchen is a university sponsored program that provides FREE, vegan food at lunch to all students. You just have to show up, and eat. The food is good, although sometimes in need of a bit of salt. But you will get a salad, some sort of soup/stew-y main, a side, and a dessert. You can make donations if you have the change, but it is not required. They start serving at noon, they go until about 1pm. The location varies based on climate; if it’s nice out, they’ll be in the courtyard beside the Redpath Museum. If it’s not so nice, they will either be on the top floor or the basement of SSMU. Make sure to bring a tupperware and utensil!

Bon appetit!

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