Out of reach

I was walking right outside of the Milton Gates near my lab the other evening. There was a young lady in a motorized wheelchair strumming down the sidewalk in the other direction past me. By the time I thought twice about the fact that the sidewalk was blocked off farther down from her because of utility repairs, the girl had already saw the dead end and had to turn around. The nearest alternate sidewalk ramp to cross the street was a good chunk of concrete away from us. And, I couldn’t help wondering what it must be like having to navigate the inaccessible streets of Montreal – complete with construction zones and blocked off sidewalks without any warning or suggested bypass route.


Internship at Hydro Quebec

I began an internship this week at Hydro Quebec Distribution.  I’m excited.  I’m a little nervous.  I have no idea how I am going to fit this in my schedule, atop my current part-time internship at CEATI (though my hours there have been increasingly intermittent), my three courses, and my lab work.

Somehow, this will magically work, I think.  “Magically” meaning “at the cost of great deals of sanity and mental stability.”

I’m excited, though.  Working for one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power providers and one of the world’s top research authorities in power systems will certainly look good on the resume’.  Even if the company is operated entirely in French.

Boy, I’m going to have my work cut out for me.  Ladies, let the music play.


My research is frustrating. Power engineering is such an unfamiliar realm of study for me – still. My undergrad electrical engineering background did not really cover concepts of power very in-depth; very few undergrad electrical engineering programs do, unfortunately. The concepts of power converters and power system dynamics fascinate me. But, I really suck at implementing models of these systems. But, I really want to. I mean, the graphs look so pretty when everything works out well.

Now and later

My friends often make fun of me because of how obsessed I appear to be with schedules.  And, yes, I will play on this by pretending to be some sort of crazy OCD, superbly self-disciplined machine who sticks to his schedule AT ALL COSTS.  But, the harsh reality is that I’m not at all this obsessive overstructured freak that I proudly claim to be.

I’m a procrastinator.  In fact, I have been one for 24 years.  And, I say “24” years (i.e. my entire life), because I apparently wouldn’t even come out when I was being born – hence, making me a C-section baby.  So, I have a pretty well-established habit of putting off until later what should be done now. (more…)

Salutations, mes amis!

Winter in Quebec.

Me enduring the chilly Quebec winters.

Greetings to the faceless (but, nonetheless, fabulous) denizens of cyberland who are reading my Grad Life McGill blog!  The first entry of a blog is always difficult to write.  I mean, it sets the standard, sort of.  And, if it’s one thing I could do with one less of, it’s expectations.  haha!

First, some background.

I’m beginning my second year of my graduate studies here at McGill.  I’m studying power engineering for my Master’s in Electrical Engineering, under the direction of Geza Joos in the Power Engineering Research Laboratory.  On campus, I’m involved in Queer McGill, the umbrella queer organization at McGill, where I had the opportunity to serve as one of its Social Coordinators. (more…)

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