Will Canadian Hybrid Pearl Millet be the new golden standard?

Being highly digestible with low anti-nutritive factors, it is not surprising that corn is known as the golden feed in the animal industry. However, since the new era of the corn-ethanol industry for biofuel production and increasing human population, divergence of corn to these users has been proliferating. The fear of animal nutritionists that corn might be unavailable for livestock is now ever-present. In addition, prices of corn have flared up and profitability of the livestock industry is seriously challenged. Other alternatives such as rye and barley were unsuccessful to replace corn based on their high anti-nutritive factors which decrease the digestibility of these grains and solicit needs for feed enzymes – additional costs to livestock industry. Till now, no single grain has been able to beat corn as a feed and win the competition. (more…)

Cat Miracles: Can our misconceptions be unclouded?

While 7000 years ago, cats were worshipped and believed to be signs of fertility and protection, in the medieval times they were labelled as creatures of doom, bad luck, evilness and associated with black magic. These contrasting phases of history still loom over us today and deeply influence our conceptions of cats as suitable pets. A quick survey within the animal science department revealed 4 out of 14 people loved cats, while the rest clearly demonstrated slight to extreme resentments and termed themselves as “dog-persons.” Some stated that cats are selfish and uncaring.

  Is their statement a reliable fact or a mere misconception?


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