Dancing beams of light

I had a bit of an off day today. No particular cause for it. It was just the way I woke up, and I couldn’t shake the feeling all day long. It must have been the cloudy sky. After so many consecutive days of glowing sunshine, a grey sky hanging much too low overhead can have that effect – at least on me.

Wednesdays are my long days; I usually co-lead a seminar on Academic Writing in the morning (which I am likely to tell you about in future posts!), spend the rest of the day at my desk working towards my PhD, and then I attend a course in the evening, from 5.30 to 8.30 — roughly the time when most others are crowding the metro and rushing home, making supper, unwinding after their day. The course is a bit outside of my comfort zone, too. My research interests are in the area of neurolinguistics (a combination of “language” and the “brain“) and specifically about bilingualism. How do children and adults learn a second (or third, fourth) language? How are different aspects of a bilingual’s languages stored and accessed in the brain? How does a bilingual’s mother tongue affect the learning of other languages? These are some of the questions that fascinate me.


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