A tumultuous move to Montreal

October, 2008. I am in Edmonton, finishing up my BSc at the U of Alberta. I apply for an NSERC, thinking there is NO WAY I will ever get it. I’m still rattled about not having any idea on how to become what I want to be, but maybe going to grad school is as good a starting point as any. Right? Right???

October 2008 – January, 2009. I apply to professors. Each time, I read countless papers, think of a unique questions I would like to address as their graduate student, draft a beautiful letter, send it off. I’m full of expectations. But no reply. No reply. NO REPLY NO REPLY. I apply throughout Canada and the Eastern US. No fishies biting. I feel hopeless, listless, and depressed. 38 beautiful, perfectly formulated letters later, I give up. (more…)

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