Ask, and You Shall Receive

You’ll never know if you don’t try.  The biggest regrets you’ll have in life are risks you don’t take.

There are a ton of cliché lines I can throw at you – but instead, I’ll share with you a little story about taking risks and receiving better-than-expected returns.

I started my master’s only a couple of months ago – I was excited about the prospect of starting some cool research in a new lab.  However, as time progressed, I began to realize that the work I was doing was far off from my expectations.  I found myself becoming less and less motivated, the sparks of interest that I had lit at the beginning of the year began to die out one by one.  I reached a point where I thought I only had two choices – call it quits, or suck it up and go through the next couple years drudgingly just to attach the three letters “MSc” behind my name.  Little did I know that the answer to my troubles was a simple knock on the door away. (more…)

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