A simple thought on scientific research in grad school.

Working on a project for years can be arduous, exhausting and unsurprisingly lead to many dead ends. Finding motivation in these tough times is an obstacle faced by most grad students. Recently, while mulling over a short conversation I had with a colleague, I realized one of the principle sources of motivation for grad student researchers. (more…)

The DO’s – Advice on choosing a lab/supervisor

As promised, here is part 2 of the two part series “the do’s and don’ts of choosing a lab/supervisor” (more…)

The DON’Ts – Advice on choosing a lab/supervisor

So you’ve decided to attend grad school…good for you…now come the tough choices…deciding where and with whom to spend these years… (more…)

The bird, the cow and the cat.

Here’s my spin on an old parable I heard for the first time a few weeks ago. Take from it what you will. I hope it will serve you well or at least put a smile on your face. (more…)

GRAD life

"It will cost you $200,000 to put me through university and grad school. If you invest that money instead, I can retire at age 18!"—Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen

The transition from undergraduate to graduate studies can be quite challenging. Gone are the lecture filled days of old. Instead, self-directed learning is the basis of all graduate pedagogy. (more…)

On finding motivation

Grad school is a marathon…an ultra-marathon…a long and arduous journey…and along the way, your bound to have a few setbacks. It’s important to understand that everyone around you has also stumbled at some point. Find solace in the tales of your peers and mentors. Learn from their mistakes and your own. Take it easy, we’ve all been there. (more…)

Must love dogs

When I left my hometown in the fall of 2009, to pursue graduate studies at McGill, I left behind friends, family and familiarity. Most importantly, I left my dog. (more…)

My 5 favorite – ‘Winter Holiday’ Movies

With the winter break right around the corner, I’d like to share with you my 5 favorite ‘winter holiday’ movies.


A study break with Steve Jobs

A great number of students reading this blog are, most likely, presently studying fervently for exams.


Basketball on the BRAIN

Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images

The new-look Toronto Raptors (3 Wins & 3 Losses in preseason), boasting a roster filled with young, athletic and unproven newcomers, are set to hit the hardwood at 7 pm this Friday at the Bell Centre.As a lifelong basketball aficionado, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of supporting Canada’s one-and-only basketball team as they face their Atlantic division rivals, the New York Knicks (3 Wins & 3 Losses in preseason).

What’s Montreal’s B. K. S.?

photo courtesy of nymag.com

I’ve ascended the mountain….felt the cobblestone beneath my feet…and now, I’ve taken a bite out of Montreal’s most famous smoked meat sandwich…What’s next? (more…)

When it rains, it pours.

With the impending downpour of today’s weather forecast and the commencement of a new school year, I thought it appropriate to offer what little advice I could to new McGillians.  (more…)

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