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Read on to find out how you get a picture of a brain cell that looks like fireworks...

Read on to find out how you get a picture of a brain cell that looks like fireworks… Brain cell pic by Sarah Konefal. Fireworks pic from

In January, Guillaume posted about what he uses to get stuff done.  I’m following that up with my own post about what I use, which will highlight some of the research I am doing right now. This will  include lots of pretty pictures like the one shown here!


Another day on the slopes! This time in the sun.

Out of all the animals on earth, I’d say humans have come up with the most elaborate and bizarre methods to accomplish the verb “play.” I’d also say skiing and snowboarding are such examples. Fancy equipment on your feet and mechanical chairs galore!

Emilio just shared his skiing adventures. So I also decided to write a report of my day at the slopes yesterday, my first sunny one all year! This post is much less informative, but if you’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding, it might help convince you to try! Minus the part where I talk about the things I lost…


‘Tis the season to procrastinate

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Well, I suppose that title would have more effect had it been posted during the past two weeks. But if I finally wrote my second blog post when I PLANNED to write my second blog post, then it wouldn’t be procrastinating.

I’ve certainly had ideas for blog posts, but for some reason the longer I went without writing something, the harder it was to write it. Initially, this caused a lot of anxiety and each day my “To Do List” had “Finish blog post” written in big, frantic, highlighted letters on it (see ‘Exhibit A’). But then, I became immune to my incessant self-nagging (see ‘Exhibit B’). So this post is dedicated to why and how I procrastinate.


The wonder and wander of research

curiosity-driven cartoonThe word “research” first appeared in the English language sometime during the 16th century. It comes from the Latin word “circare,” which means “to go about and wander.” So really, research is all about wandering.

But research that is commercially and politically popular has a different agenda. That agenda is oriented towards the development of new technology, tools, and cures. Such as, for example, vacuum cleaners. (more…)

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