Learning to Learn

Lake Orford

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m off to Orford Arts Centre Academy.  I will be a student of Denise Massé, who is one of the French diction coaches at the Met, and I’ll be studying one of my favorite opera roles with her – Marie from La fille du régiment.  These are the kinds of experiences that are just as valuable as a degree program, because they provide the opportunity to make connections with professionals in the field without the time commitment of a degree or training program.

I have, however, run into a little problem which exists in my mind and in the way I learn.  I have blogged about it before, but in a different form.  At the beginning of the summer it was manifesting itself as a resistance to getting a real job as a recent Masters graduate.  Now, I can feel a resistance to artistic suggestions.  What I mean to say is, I have become a bad student.



Rebecca singing Despina in Cosi fan tutte

Rebecca singing Despina in Cosi fan tutte (Mozart), Weimar, Germany

A colleague of mine recently initiated a wonderful peer-evaluating performance group.  We meet every week and sing new repertoire in front of a small audience of friends, who do not judge, but gives constructive comments about the performance.  There is no one present who has any control over our career, who can ruin opportunities, grant jobs or money, or has any immediate affect on our future.   It is a safe place to make mistakes, and to ‘premiere’ audition repertoire for the first time, which is notoriously nerve-racking and difficult. (more…)

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