EndNote for the iPad: not ready for prime time

My search for an optimal flow of searching, sorting, storing, organizing, reading and annotating papers continue. The current process is still a bit convoluted (and I’m not alone!), but it kind of works.
First of all, I am glad to have moved completely to a digital configuration. This summer the entire floor where my office is located will be renovated. I’ll be “officeless” for about five months. I have nothing to worry about, there are no more books or printed articles in my shelves. All I need is a device to connect to the Internet. (more…)

Learn a language, teach the world

Homepage for wikipedia.org

Did you know that there’s a way to learn a new language while simultaneously benefiting the world by increasing global access to knowledge? Well there is, dear reader, and you need only read on to join the revolution.

About a year ago I came to a very interesting conclusion: those speaking the English language have easy access to more knowledge than any other group in the world. Why is this? Because of Wikipedia.

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