Capsicum Burn and The Structured Procrastinator

I have a midterm tomorrow in one of my worst subjects, statistics. I would rather get guilt ridden text messages from my ex-boyfriends everyday than write this exam. I even shed tears last Monday when I got a lowly 63% on an assignment. In all fairness, I did mess it up big time (I blame the cat-death thing as a distracter). Anyways, I have been having fits of anxiety and discouragement, followed by complete ignorance of the exam.

On the positive side, I have noticed that I am busying myself with other productive tasks. Ahem, right now I am writing this instead of going over the assignments. I have been able to get work done, but I have also enjoyed the sweet fruits of procrastination. What is more, this phenomenon I am experiencing has a name, is a thing, and is a winner of another thing.


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