Event: McGill Gets Inspired by TED-Talks

Three Minutes to Change the World

“Fast paced” is practically the antithese of “Grad School.” When you think about explaining your research, doing it quickly is rarely part of the experience. Most of us are prone to panic attacks when our presentations are limited to 45 minutes, discounting the question period as optional.  So what do you think about someone trying in less than 5?


TEDxMcGill reinvents your reality

This weekend marked this year’s TEDxMcGill event. For those of you not in the know, I’m going to immediately do you a huge favour and link you on over to the TEDtalks website so you can get a taste for what the concept is all about. The acronym stands for Technology Education and Design, although the breadth and scope of the presentations in the globally loved conference series extends into every topic imaginable.

I volunteered on the speakers’ team; a position involving looking after the needs of one of the guests of honour and making sure setup, organization and basic logistics went smoothly. The theme of this year’s event was ‘redefining reality,’ which as near as I can figure is simply carte blanche to talk about whatever awesome stuff you want.

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