Scar-Butt the Baboon

 So no one tells you when you start field research the plethora of horrors that are awaiting to hamper, or completely usurp, your productivity. Below I will tell two of my favorite incidents that occurred this past summer while I was conducting my field research in Uganda. I hope this will give you, my awesome cyber-audience, a taste of the trials and tribulations that being a grad student is all about.

Incident 1: The elephants. When people think of elephants in their mind’s eye, it is usually as an intelligent, gentle, and altogether harmless creature. Well, they’re not. In the region I work, the elephants raid crops for food and are therefore attacked quite viciously by the villagers, whose entire lives depend on their land. The resulting relationship between humans and elephants has digressed to one of war: when one sees the other, all bets are off. (more…)

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