Why Montreal is Magnificent for Master’s Students

Photo by Aleks Budarick.

It’s official: Montreal was recently ranked as the best student city in the world.

I’m not surprised. While I’ve only been a post-secondary student in two other cities (one in Ontario and one in Australia), both of which I liked very much, Montreal is the perfect city for my life as a master’s student. Why, you may ask? Well, let me explain some of my reasons.


McGill is Awesome

Me in front of the Schulich School of Music

A lot of people enter their universities with awe and wonder, and exit disenchanted and apathetic (or angry).  I will admit to having been one of those people in the past, and I think it is normal.  After all, we are paying the universities big bucks to teach us things, stretch us, force us to do work that we otherwise would never do, and hold us to high expectations and guidelines that we would never place on ourselves.  It is destined to be a love-hate relationship between students and their institutions.

Although I am not under the impression that McGill is perfect in every way, I have really appreciated this institution throughout the process of my Master’s degree.  Here’s why:


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