“No Mountain Too High, No River too Wide”

From www.lastlemon.com, TrueLoveIs Doodles

From www.lastlemon.com, TrueLoveIs Doodles

Happy Valentine’s Day, to all you graduate students! Whether you’re in a relationship or single, this is a nice opportunity to do some crafts or bake some cookies for all your loved ones, especially your family, friends and lab mates. In this day and age where courting and long poetic serenades are no longer the norm, it is still worth it to break up with your phone/laptop/tablet for the day (just for a few hours!) and meet up with your loved ones to do some winter activities or simply watch the Winter Olympics together.

However, this might be the perfect time to lavish your phone/laptop/tablet with extra attention if your significant other is miles away from you. The unfortunate reality of being a graduate student is that we often have to travel to get good opportunities, which depend on a variety of reasons such as the field we want to pursue, the funding, the living conditions; maybe some of us decide to go back home to pursue their higher studies leaving behind their loved ones.

Long distance relationships are a special kind of romantic relationships. They often hardly ever show up in the spotlight and women’s magazines don’t usually bring them up. The downside of this is that it makes LDR’s seem less “real” or substantial. In other words, many people have come to refer to them as “promises of a relationship rather than an actual relationship”.


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