Love. Whitney. Valentine’s Day. An academic perspective.

She had an unparalleled voice, and although near the end she was starting to sound like the equally unparalleled Dionne, her voice will always be remembered. The non-fans will often only remember her 1993 hit “I will always love you” — and neglect her (pretty much) entire career when she rose to stardom in the 80s. They will also have some vague recollection of what took place between her and Bobby Brown, and probably pin her as a drug addict. To me, she’ll always be the Whitney she was in the 80s. Young. Vibrant. Wearing bright colours. A superstar. Hit after hit of 80s dance music.

Although her remake of Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m every woman’ makes her seem like a feminist, many of her songs actually succumb to the Diana Rossesque type of crooning about lost love and being ‘the other woman’. Not exactly empowering or making any advancements in the world of women. Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home? She asks. Well, what she’s left us with is a broken heart. And there is no way home. (more…)

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