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Noesis Discussion Group

On behalf of Hiba Zafran
After multiple requests to organize further discussion groups,  students and faculty are once again invited to participate in the Noesis group.
Noesis ~ From the Greek ‘mind’, an idea, a concept, understanding – that which gives sense and meaning to the content of our minds and intentionality
The purpose of establishing a ‘noetic space’ in the Rehabilitation Science program is to create a safe opportunity for discussion amongst faculty and students interested in exploring concepts, ideas, ways of knowing, theoretical commitments, and research actions and reactions. The discussion group focuses on research questions and issues that arise from interpretive and qualitative inquiry, and which can critically inform various questions in rehabilitation research.
Our first two meetings covered the themes of boundaries in data collection and analysis, researcher and participant vulnerability, and multiple positions/selves and ways of knowing. We began to articulate the mission and structure of the group, and are maintaining an expanding bibliography.
Ethics and Moral Action Lab – Rabinovitch House
3640 de la Montagne, Rm 101 (simply buzz in – and feel free to bring your lunch)
Topics TBA with  reminder invitations
Chair  Hiba Zafran, PhD candidate

Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries – helping young entrepreneurs start up a business

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