Holiday Party!! December 12, 2014 (5pm)

Please read Marika’s message below! Hope to see a lot of you there!!

Holiday party 2014 – Save-the-date!!
We will host our annual Holiday party on December 12th from 5pm at Thompson House.Please save the date! We will send you all the details closer to the event! We hope to see you all to celebrate the end of term!!!
Thank you
Marika Demers (Social representative, GRSS)

Noesis discussion group Nov 26, 2014

Please see the message below from Hiba Zafran.

Noesis Discussion Group: Save the Date
Nov 26, 2014, 12-1, Rabinovitch House
Bring your own lunch
Noesis is a discussion group where graduate students and faculty can come to share and reflect on tensions, questions, and problems that they are experiencing in their qualitative or mixed research projects.
Discussion theme offered by: Dr. Keiko-Shikako Thomas
Topic: How to maintain epistemological rigour when mixing methods
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Melissa Park & Dr. Matthew Hunt
If you would like to propose a discussion topic, please email
No homework or readings required! Just a 10-15 min chat where you present what you are struggling with, and the group engages in dialogue around this theme.
Hiba Zafran

Protocol presentation Winter 2014

The next protocol presentation day for Masters and PhD students is 11th Decemeber, Thursday.

Students who are presenting good luck!!

Attendance for other students is mandatory. For those who have not yet presented their proposal, it is a great opportunity to understand the process of the presentation. The exposure to the process will help you do well in your own!

So please be there to support the students who are presenting as well as learn from the various sessions and expert faculty members.

TA position applications for Winter 2015

Please note that the application for TA positions for Winter 2015 is now open. Last date for submission of applications is Nov 15th, 2014.

Please check out the CAPS website to apply.

Systematic review workshop Nov 11, 2014 (9am -12pm at Cybertheque)

There is another exciting workshop on systematic review this year that is spread out over two semesters. Please try to attend these workshops as they are great stepping stones to understanding how to build a search strategy and write a high quality systematic review. It also helps you find more literature in your own area of interest that will later help in your writing.

Please make sure you submit your names to Maria at

Dont miss the opportunity!


Edith Strauss Fellowship for Knowledge Translation Dec 15, 2014

Please keep up to date with your emails and refer to Dr. Anita Menon’s message with regards to the requirements of the Knowledge Translation grant.

For any details please contact the concerned people at

Richard and Edith Strauss Fellowship Oct 24, 2014

Please note that the deadline for the Richard and Edith Strauss Fellowship for this academic year is 24th Oct at 4 pm. For details please check out the website:

GRSS Game Night Oct 2, 2014

Board game night was organised again this year at Thompson House on Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014. Although the attendance for the event was much less than last year, it still turned out to be a great evening.

Social events such as this bonds people, brings out a great spirit among the attendees and helps you learn so much more about an individual. Playing games tap into the fun side as well as the highly competitive side of a person. It also facilitates team spirit and trust. These small exercises outside the academic set up, we as council members believe, help people get closer and thus encourages greater academic interaction among the students of rehab sciences.

We will definitely organise another game night this year or the next year, so you all can come out and learn about yourselves and others, in a total fun and casual atmosphere.

Hope to see you all next time!


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