Sugar Shack

Dear Students and Faculty,

The semester is almost over and the sugar shack is approaching! Prepare your taste buds for this amazingly sweet experience! The event will take place at La p’tite cabane d’la côte on April 27th. The dinner will be served at 7pm but we are welcome to come earlier and enjoy some out-door activities (walking, visiting the farm…).

There will be a 15$ charge (the rest being generously provided by GRSS!!). Friend and family are more than welcome (however, they will be charged full price: 25$).

If you haven’t confirmed your presence yet but would like to participate, please email us before the end of the week and we will be pleased to add your name on the list! Also, if you are coming with family or friends, it is important that you let us know how many people you are bringing at before the end of the week so we could count them in.

Also, we are organizing a car pool. Please, email me 1) if you need a lift or 2) if you have a car and would kindly accept to bring people with you (that would be very much appreciated!!). GRSS will give 30$/drivers for gas expense. We will also try to divide people who would like to leave earlier vs later into separate cars for the return so feel free to let me know when you wish to leave.

We look forward to hearing from you!

on behalf of the GRSS
Myriam Villeneuve
Graduate student
MSc Rehabilitation Sciences
McGill University

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