Executive Council

Current Executive Council  2019-2021

President: Ana Maria Moga, PT, MSc, Ph.D. (c.)

Vice President Internal Affairs: Lisa Arcobelli  PT, MSc(c.)

Communications Representative:  Aeshah Alosaimi PT, MSc (c.) & Catherine Demers OT, MSc, Ph.D. (c.)

Ph.D. Representative: Stephanie Tremblay, OT, MSc, Ph.D. (c.)

Master’s Representative: Catherine George OT, MSc (c.)

Equity & Diversity Representative: Paul Yoo, OT, MSc, Ph.D. (c.)

Vice President External Affairs: Vacant

Social Representative: Vacant


Previous Executive Council

President: Marcos Rodrigues, PT, MSc

Vice President Internal Affairs: Marcos Buhler

Vice President External Affairs: Christina Sooklall

Communications Representative: Christina Sooklall

Social Representative: Ana Tereza Castro

PhD Representative: Marika Demers, OT, MSc

Master’s Representative: Julia Munden

Financial Representative: Le Liu, PT, MSc

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