About us

The Graduate Rehabilitation Science Society (GRSS) was founded in 2009 to better represent and advance the interests of graduate students at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University.

To represent the students of the GRSS, every year a new council is elected. The primary goal of the GRSS council is to stand in for its members and their interests before the Faculty, the University and external personnels to ensure that the members academic needs are met. The council also aims to provide adequate assistance to the students in the program, by leading them to the right resources and providing them with sufficient academic and social exposure. To enable this, the GRSS council organises both academic and social events for the graduate students through out the academic year. Through the various events the council hopes to equip the students with enough resources and networks to become successful professionals.

We believe that through the interaction among the various students in the program, the graduate students will benefit both professionally and personally.

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