Student Spotlight: Jonas Henderson

Every other week, meet an Indigenous student in our spotlight series! This week’s student spotlight features Jonas Henderson, and the student-led initiatives he is currently part of:


Tell me a little about yourself, what are you studying at McGill?

Hallo! My name is Jonas Henderson, and I’m a U2 Civil Engineering student. I am Kalaallit Inuit (the people of Western Greenland) and the Senior co-Chair of AISES.

Could you explain a little more about AISES, and your role in it?

AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) is a multinational organization dedicated to promoting and supporting indigenous involvement within STEM fields. My role as Co-Chair is to foster a sense of community for Indigenous STEM students at McGill, increase visibility, and facilitate outreach and networking activities.


What projects/developments within your faculty are you most excited about?

The project about which I am the most excited is the one headed by the IIC (Indigenous Inclusion Committee), which aims to bring Indigenous Art into various engineering buildings. I am excited about it because I believe that it will not only increase visibility for Indigenous engineers, but also beautify engineering buildings. I am lucky enough to sit on the selection commitee for this project, and I am eager to see the pieces on display!

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