McGill Selected for Thematic Workshop at the National Building Reconciliation Forum

“McGill University’s 52 Calls to Action; Indigenous Awareness Weeks” has been selected for the thematic workshop “Raising awareness among post-secondary institutions about the realities of First Peoples” to be held on Wednesday, September 22 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm at the National Building Reconciliation Forum 2021.

The National Building Reconciliation Forum seeks to rally and bring together the main actors in the world of Indigenous education and all post-secondary institutions in Quebec and across Canada. As well, it will serve as a springboard to ensure that the ideas discussed at the forum come to fruition and that they help support Indigenous people in the process of taking charge of education by and for First Peoples and transforming Québec and Canadian society.

Learn more about the National Building Reconciliation Forum here. 

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