Upcoming Panel: Tsi niieioierà:ton aonsaiòn:ronke’ (paths to becoming second language speakers)

On August 17th, Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’ in collaboration with ISCEI is hosting a panel discussing the different ways in which second language speakers acquired proficiency in Kanien’kéha. Listen to the discussion about their language learning journeys, what they’ve done or are currently doing to become proficient L2 speakers. There will also be a Q/A period at the end of the panel.

Note, this panel will be in an immersive environment with limited English. If you are interested in listening in, you can register here.

Tsi niieioierà:ton aonsaiòn:ronke’ – 17 shískare ne Seskéha, 2 nitiohwistà:’e

*aóskon onkwehonwehnéha*

Enhontá:ti/Panelists: Ryan Decaire (moderator), Kaienkwinehtha Ransom, Wenhni’tí:io Will Gareau tánon’ Jock Hill  

Kenh nón:we entewarihwaka’én:ion tsi na’teiohtánion tsi ronahronkhà:’on ne tekeníhaton raotiwén:na. Sheiatahónhsatat tsi shatiia’tátshon enthonthró:ri’ tsi na’tehonatohétston tsi ronahronkhà:’on, tsi nihotiié:ren ne ohén:ton, tánon’ tsi nihatiiéhrha nòn:wa. Nó:nen enwateweiennénta’ne’, enwate’shennaién:take ne thé:nen nahò:ten ahsherihwanón:tonhse’.

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