Kanónhskon tewatewennaweiénstha’: Language Learning in the Home

On Thursday August 19, Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’ hosted a panel, Kanónhskon tewatewennaweiénstha’ (language learning in the home) with the support of ISCEI. The panel was in an immersion setting with limited English and was part of the final week in the Speaker Series, Owén:na Tewahthá:rahkw.

In the panel, they discussed some of the experiences of teaching language in the home. Panelists discussed the rewards and challenges that come with language learning, raising their children as first language speakers and their experiences as being both parent and teacher, with a Q/A period at the end.

See recordings and videos of the speaker series on Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’s Facebook Page.

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