McGill Anthropology Speaker Series Presents: Andrew Martindale

On Monday October 18th at 12:30pm, Andrew Martindale (University of British Columbia) will be giving a lecture on “Quantifying Uncertainty: The Challenges of Using Ground-Penetrating Radar to Identify Unmarked Graves in  Residential School Contexts”.

This talk is part of McGill Anthropology Speaker Series and supported by ISCEI. Registration can be found in the poster, but you can also register here to attend the talk.

Andrew Martindale is an anthropological archaeologist whose research and teaching expertise has focused on the Northwest Coast and includes the history and archaeology of complex hunter-gatherers of western North America, the archaeology and ethnohistory of cultural contact and colonialism, archaeology and law, space-syntax analysis of architecture and households, and the use of indigenous oral records in archaeology.

See full poster here!

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