Ninga Mìnèh: Caroline Monnet’s Exhibition Opens at the MMFA

Caroline Monnet’s exhibition, Ninga Mìnèh, opened on April 21st at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

For students under the age of 21, this exhibit is free to visit. For those over 21 and would like to visit the exhibit, stay tuned for upcoming time slots for McGill Indigneous staff, faculty and students, free of charge. 

The works in Ninga Mìnèh, some of which are very recent, evoke both metaphorically and materially the inequalities in living conditions experienced by Indigenous communities in Canada. In most cases, reserve housing was hastily built with cheap materials: from the outside, they often appear shoddy or uncompleted. Families are crammed together, without the barest of comforts. The exhibition Ninga Mìnèh (Algonquin for “promise”) is a call to authorities to finally offer First Nations people decent, dignified, pleasant living conditions.

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