Inuit Participants Wanted for VR Study

The Douglas Mental Health University Institute is looking for Inuit individuals willing to participate in a study to test heart rate variability and other physiological responses to two stimuli in virtual reality. Researchers will eventually use this data to help build novel medical applications, specifically, an automatized and remote virtual reality treatment. 

Inclusion criteria: 

  • Healthy adult between 14-60 years 
  • Identifies as Inuk 

Exclusion criteria: Risk for epilepsy, current abuse of alcohol or drugs, changes to medications in the past 4 weeks 

Study involves: 

  • One meeting at Douglas, in total 60 minutes 
  • Wearing sensor to measure physiological response during two VR exercises, a relaxation and a height exposure 
  • A survey asking for anxiety symptoms, previous traumatic experiences and supporting factors


For more information or to participate in this stidy, please contact Maharshee Karia/Quinta Seon: 


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