Owén:na Tewahthá:rahkw : Summer Speaker Series in collaboration with Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’

The Indigenous Studies and Community Engagement Initiative (ISCEI) at McGill, in collaboration with Kanien’kéha-learners group Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’, is hosting an online Workshop Series this summer with the goal of furthering knowledge and awareness about tools for language learning, transmission, and documentation, and identifying topics and tools to help language learners gain knowledge and skills in areas of interest in their language-learning paths.

This new Speaker Series features talks given by Noelani Arista, James Crippen, Sandra-Lynn Leclaire, Marianne Mithun, among others.

About Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’:

Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’, “We are becoming fluent,” is a grassroots group created by and for second language speakers who are revitalizing the Kanien’kehá:ka “Mohawk” language. The group exists across Kanienkehá:ka communities and extends to all spaces that our language can be spoken. The goals of Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’ are to, in full-immersion settings, (1) support second language speakers throughout their language learning journey, (2) provide and continue to develop a network of speakers, and to (3) re-center our elders and first language speakers to prioritize language and knowledge transmission.


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