Release notes and tips for September 24 post-golive release

Changes included in this release


  • Customers will now receive an automated email, acknowledging receipt, when they send an email to IT Support (this was disabled temporarily, during the stabilization phase).
  • When a customer clicks the Close Now link in a closing email, it will no longer create a new Ticket.
  • CI contacts will no longer receive Alerts twice.

Miscellaneous form changes

  • Incident Category and Subcategory will only be mandatory for WMS and Desktop Support services.
  • The Major Incident Manager field has been moved to the Incident form.
  • Ticket number has been added to a tab within the Request Item.

Tip: Creating a Request on behalf of someone else


When creating a request on behalf of someone else, your name is put into the Requested For field of the REQ and RITM records. It should be changed to the real customer, but if you try to do it on the RITM record you will see that the Requested For field is locked.


Go back to the REQ record and change it there. The new name then flows through to the RITM record and the real customer will receive all subsequent notifications through ServiceNow.

Note: Since the customer doesn’t receive the initial notification that the Request has been created, you should forward it to them and explain that you created it on their behalf.

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