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P* Reading Group, 9/16 — Beini Wang

Beini will lead a discussion of Zellou’s (2018) “Individual differences in the production of nasal coarticulation and perceptual compensation”, on Monday (Sep. 16) from 2:45 to 3:45pm in room 117 of the Linguistics Department. The article can be found in the reading group’s folder at bit.ly/PReadingGroup. All are welcome to attend!

Syntax-Semantics Reading Group, 9/16

The first meeting of the syntax-semantics reading group will take place Monday at 14:30 in room 002. Please come prepared with any suggestions on readings you would be interested in discussing this semester.

P* Group, 9/9 — Jeff Lamontagne

This week, Jeff will lead a discussion of sections 3.1 to 3.3 of Halle and Reiss’s (2008) The Phonological Enterprise. P* Group takes place at 2:45 pm on Monday in room 117 of the Linguistics Building. All are welcome to attend! P* Group readings can be found at http://bit.ly/PReadingGroup.

Syntax/Semantics Reading Group — Scheduling Announcement

This semester the joint Syntax/Semantics Reading Group will take place on Mondays from 2:30-3:30 in room 002. The first meeting will be on Monday, September 16. All are welcome!

MCQLL, 9/11 — Tim O’Donnell

At next week’s meeting of the Montreal Computational and Quantitative Linguistics Lab, Tim will present recent work with Shijie Wu and Ryan Cotterell on measuring irregularity in morphological systems. We meet Wednesdays at 14:30 in Room 117.

McGill Linguistics FestEval, 9/13

Please join us Friday at our annual evaluation paper roundup to hear what the third and fourth year students have been up to! Friday, September 13, 2-4:30pm, in Education 629 2.00pm Masashi Harada: Context-Dependent Case Connectivity Sentences in Japanese 2.30pm Gouming Martens: Hat Contour in Dutch: Form and Meaning 3.00pm Mathieu Paillé: Broad focus and […]

McGill at EuroSLA 2019 Conference

McGill was represented at the recent 29th Conference of the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA 2019), which took place August 28–31 in Lund, Sweden. Lydia White gave a paper on behalf of her coauthors: Heather Goad, Natalia Brambatti Guzzo & Lydia White. Crosslinguistic variation in relative clause attachment: a prosodic perspective.

McGill at Sinn und Bedeutung

McGill linguists of past and present attended Sinn und Bedeutung 24 at the Universität Osnabruk this past week. There were two talks by current department members: Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Justin Royer. Random-Choice Modality: The View from Chuj (Mayan) Francesco Paolo Gentile and Bernhard Schwarz. An argument that higher order wh- quantification is over existentials only […]

New McLing student editor, Will Johnston

Will Johnston will be joining the McLing team as the new graduate student editor, replacing outgoing editor Francesco Gentile. Will joins faculty editors Jessica and Tim. Welcome aboard Will, and thanks for all your work Francesco!  

Summer news round-up, part II

Here is part II of what McGill linguists did this summer! A paper on the syntax and semantics of numeral classifiers in Ch’ol appeared in Glossa this summer, co-authored by Alan Bale (PhD ’06), Jessica Coon, and Nicolás Arcos López. It’s titled: “Classifiers, partitions, and measurements: Exploring the syntax and semantics of sortal classifiers.” Meghan Clayards gave […]

Welcome new faculty member Martina Martinović

McLing is very happy to welcome Martina Martinović to the McGill Linguistics Department! Martina will be around this fall as a postdoctoral researcher, and then officially joins the faculty in January. Martina is a fieldworker, primarily interested in cross-linguistic variation in morphosyntax. So far she has mostly worked on Niger-Congo languages, especially Wolof. She does […]

Welcome new graduate students!

McLing is pleased to welcome the new incoming group of MA and PhD students! Alex Cucinelli is finishing his M.A. thesis in Linguistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he studied phonological acquisition, focusing on the role phonotactics and distributional evidence play in development. He is also interested in corpus building and curation. In his spare […]

Welcome Otis!

McLing is very pleased to report the arrival of Otis Smeets-Bakkar, born August 24th to McGill PhD student Liz Smeets. You might have the chance to meet Otis this fall, when Liz comes back to Montreal to defend her recently-filed dissertation! Double congratulations Liz!

Michael Wagner to Maryland

Michael Wagner will be giving a colloquium talk at University of Maryland on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, titled “Allophonic variation and the locality of production planning”, reporting on joint work with Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron, James Tanner, Meghan Clayards, and Morgan Sonderegger. Here is the abstract: The application of allophonic processes across word boundaries (so-called ‘sandhi’-processes, such […]

Welcome back!

McLing hopes everyone had a great summer! As always, we invite you to your news (presentations, publications, grants, fieldwork, courses, workshops, departmental events, student projects, jobs, etc.) for upcoming weekly newsletters. News can be sent to mcling.linguistics@mcgill.ca.

Summer news round-up, part I

What did McGill linguists do this summer? Here is part 1 of our summer news round-up. It’s not too late to send McLing your summer news for inclusion in next week’s digest. McGill Linguistics undergraduate Georges Awaad made news this summer when he was deemed the “Most Multilingual Student” by the language-learning app Babbel. While we […]

McGill at GLOW in Asia 12

GLOW in Asia 12 was held on August 6-9, 2019 at Dongguk University, in Seoul, South Korea. Former and present McGill affiliates presented their work as follows, and they posed for a group photo. The full program can be found here. Tingchun (TC) Chen (BA 2011): Raising-to-object in Amis Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (postdoc 2014-15): Wh-quantification in alternative semantics Masashi Harada: […]

McGill at Tübingen Exhaustivity Workshop

McGill linguists were at Workshop Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers – Experimental and theoretical approaches, June 13-14, 2019 at Tübingen University. Francesco Paolo Gentile and Bernhard Schwarz presented “An argument that higher order wh-quantification is over existential only” and Aron Hirsch and Bernhard Schwarz presented “Singular which, mention-some, and variable scope uniqueness.”

Brian Buccola to Michigan State University

McLing is happy to report that 2015 McGill Linguistics PhD Brian Buccola has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Linguistics Program at Michigan State University. Congratulations Brian!

McGill at AFLA 26

McGill linguists were well represented at the 26th meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 26), held May 2019 at the University of Western Ontario. Presentations by current McGill affiliates included: Henrison Hsieh: “On the structure of Tagalog non-DP extraction” Mathieu Paillé: “Bahasa expletive =nya and the height of agents” Lisa Travis and Diane Massam: […]

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