Movember team collects $845 for prostate cancer research

Did you notice all those guys with mustaches in our department last month? No, it wasn’t a Tom Selleck lookalike contest. That was the Movember team growing mo’s for prostate cancer research. The linguistics Movember team managed to collect a whopping $845, which will go directly to Prostate Cancer Canada and the Movember Foundation. Congratulations to them, and many thanks to everyone who contributed!

top row: Brian Buccola, Tobin Skinner, Mike Hamilton, David-Étienne Bouchard
bottom row: Jamie Findlay, Alan Bale, Moti Lieberman
not pictured: Dan Goodhue, David Fleischer, Jenny Loughran, Lance Williams, Stephan Hurtubise

There will be a Mo’-get-together to celebrate and to collect any last-minute donations. Date & time to be determined, but possibly Thursday after the grad seminar talks. Contact Mike for more details.

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