Coon, Henderson, and McCulloch return from Guatemala

Jessica Coon and Gretchen McCulloch, together with recent UCSC PhD and new McGill post-doc Robert Henderson, are on their way back from Guatemala where they organized the 2nd Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics(FAMLi) conference. The two-day conference was well-attended by linguists from all over, and was preceded by a two-day SSHRC-funded workshop on corpus linguistics. Both were held in the Kaqchikel Maya-speaking town of Patzun. Jessica presented “Concordancia ergativa y clíticos absolutivos: Evidencia en Chol”, Robert presented “Computación e idiomas mayas: Dónde estámos, dónde vamos?”, and co-organizer Gretchen took care of many organizational things.

Also in attendance from Montreal were Gina Cook and Emmy Cathcart of iLanguage, who have been developing the linguistic database application, iField, which was launched as part of the Mayan corpus workshop.

FAMLi group photo


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