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Hello, world. Here we are again. McLing welcomes the new academic year, and, with it, a number of new people joining the department. Besides the new class of students (see this post), we would like to give our warmest welcome to:

Morgan Sonderegger, a new permanent faculty member.

Morgan has completed a joint PhD in Linguistics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago, his dissertation is titled “Phonetic and phonological dynamics on reality television”. Morgan’s research focuses on the dynamics of phonetic and phonological patterns over time, both within individuals and within a speech community, using a range of computational, statistical, and experimental methods.

Alex Drummond, one-year faculty lecturer.

Alex is joining us from Durham University, where he was a postdoc in the Department of Philosophy, working on the Un-Cartesian Linguistics project with Wolfram Hinzen. Prior to that,  Alex completed his PhD in syntax at the University of Maryland in 2011. His research is currently focusing on binding theory, and in particular on the division of labor between the syntax and the interfaces. Previously, he has worked on extraposition, pseudopassivization, and preposition stranding. He also develops and maintains the Ibex software for performing psycholinguistic experiments online.

Tanya Slavin, postdoctoral researcher.

Tanya will be continuing her SSHRC-funded postdoc in the Department this year, working with Glyne Piggott. Her project focuses on investigating the interaction of syntax and phonology in word formation processes in Ojibwe (a Central Algonquian language).

Robert Henderson, postdoctoral researcher.

Robert will be working with Lisa Travis and Jessica Coon on the grant, “The mental representation of language variation: macro- and micro- parameters”, which focuses on ergative patterns in grammar from a crosslinguistic perspective. Robert’s dissertation is on pluractional affixes, which often generate entailments about arguments following an ergative pattern. He will be working to understand the source of these patterns and how pluractional affixes can shape clausal morphosyntax more generally.

Emily Elfner, postdoctoral researcher.

Emily will be continuing her SSHRC-funded postdoc in the Department this Winter term, working with Michael Wagner. Her current research interests include prosody, the syntax-phonology interface, and  phonological theory, with particular reference to Irish.

Professor Bryan Gick, Department of Linguistics, University of British Columbia

Professor Gick will be visiting the Department during Fall 2012. He is currently working on a new model for speech/phonetics/phonology, and looks forward to talking with Morgan Sonderegger on computational modeling, Charles Boberg on sound change, and Heather Goad on phonological acquisition.

Professor Jakob Leimgruber, Department of English, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Professor Leimgruber will be visiting the Department from September 12-25 for the purpose of working with Professor Charles Boberg indiscussing his research on language policies and sociolinguistics in Quebec.

Professor Kevin Russell, Department of Linguistics, University of Manitoba

Professor Russell will be visiting the Department during Fall 2012 and Winter 2013. He looks forward to discussing his research with Heather Goad. He is working on a  book that outlinethe findingfrom psycholinguisticssociolinguistics and phonetics that are relevant for phonological theory. He also plans to begin work on a Guarani reference grammar.

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