The incoming class

McLing is very happy to welcome and introduce to you the new (very impressive!) cohort of graduate students:

Maayan Adar is interested theoretical syntax, Tagalog, Austronesian languages, and ergativity. He completed his BA at the University of Toronto, specializing in linguistics with a minor in Latin.

Hye-young Bang is interested in phonetics. She comes from the University of Queensland, Australia

Guilherme Duarte Garcia wants to work on phonology (and its interfaces) and second language acquisition. He is particularly interested in stress (and its interaction with morphology) and how it is acquired in first and second language contexts. He has a BA in English/Portuguese translation and an MSc in Linguistics from UFRGS, Brazil.

Dan Goodhue‘s interests lie in the intersection of language, logic and thought. He earned his B.A. at the University of Vermont in political science and spent the past year in Montreal studying linguistics full time in our department.

Jiajia Su wants to work in second language acquisition. She has a BA in English from Xinyang Normal University (China) and an MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Ningbo University.

Nina Umont is interested in prosody and its intersections with semantics and syntax. She majored in linguistics at Reed College in Portland, OR, USA.

Welcome! We would like to wish you all the best in your new careers. We are all very excited to have you here.


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