2012–2013 BA Honours thesis round-up

This term, 43 linguistics undergraduates––including honours, joint honours, majors, and minors––are graduating from McGill. We are happy to report on some of this year’s Honours Theses:
Olivia Ait-Bella – “Variation in the pronunciation of French place names by Montreal Anglophones”
David Fleischer – “Syntactic effects on phonological perception”
Douglas Herrick – “Imitation and accommodation: The effects of dialect contact in Montreal French”
Liwen Hou – “Agent Focus in Chuj reflexive constructions”
Thomas Kettig – “The Canadian Shift in a Montreal community: Change and variation in perception and production of the non-high short vowels”
Ruth Martinez –“The usage of lunfardo by Argentineans living in the provinces of Quebec and Buenos Aires”
Madeleine Revill –  “Speaking queerly: The search for acoustic correlates of perceived homosexuality”
Congratulations graduates!

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