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Syntax-Phonology Research Group — July 4

Syntax-Phonology Research Group

Thursday, July 4, 2 p.m. (room tba).

Topic: Discussion of “On the relation between Morphology and Syntax” by Marit Julien. In The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces, Gillian Ramchand, Charles Reiss (eds). OUP. 2007.

McGill at the 2013 Linguistic Institute

McLingers are participating in the 2013 Linguistic Institute, currently being held at the University of Michigan:

  • Michael Hamilton and Gretchen McCulloch are taking classes as Participants, funded by LSA Fellowships.
  • Morgan Sonderegger is co-teaching a course on Computational Models of Sound Change.

and are presenting at two associated workshops:

How the brain accommodates variability in linguistic representations

  • Meghan Clayards, Eric Schreiber, and Kris Onishi: Shifting speech categorization implicitly: The role of speech and non-speech cues.

Universality and variability in segment-prosody interactions:

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