McGill at MOT 2017

UQAM is hosting the 2017 Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto (MOT) Phonology Workshop on 24th-26th March, 2017. McGill linguists will attend the meeting to present their work:

  • Morgan Sonderegger, Michael McAuliffe, Jurij Bozic, Chris Bruno, September Cowley, Jeffrey Lamontagne, Bing’er Jiang, Martha Schwarz, Jiajia Su: Laryngeal timing across seven languages: phonetic data and their relationship to phonological features
  • Donghyun Kim, Meghan Clayards: The link between speech perception and production and the mechanisms of phonetic imitation
  • Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron: Production planning effects on variable external sandhi: a case study in liaison
  • Martha Schwarz: Nepali laryngeal contrasts
  • James Tanner: Phonetic and phonological mechanisms of Tokyo Japanese vowel devoicing
  • Binger Jiang, Meghan Clayards: Cue weighting of voice quality, pitch, and tonal contour in the tonal register contrast in Chinese Wu dialects
  • Jeffrey Lamontagne, Heather Goad, Morgan Sonderegger: Weighting around: Motivating variable prominence assignment in French

The entire program can be found here.


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