McGill at GASLA 14

McGill linguists attended GASLA 14, which was hosted at the University of Southampton on 7-9th April 2017. Here is a list of their presentations:

  • Liz SmeetsUltimate attainment at the syntax-discourse interface: L1 effects and object movement in Dutch
  • Heather Goad, Lydia White, Guilherme D. Garcia, Natália B. Guzzo, Marzieh Mortazavinia, Liz Smeets and Jiajia SuPronoun interpretation in L2 Italian: effects of pause and stress
  • Natália B. Guzzo, Heather Goad, Guilherme D. GarciaLearners can acquire structurally-conditioned variation: High vowel deletion in Quebec French

Current and past McGill affiliates gathered for a photo:

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