Syntax reading group, 11/03

Join us this Friday at 10am for our Syntax meeting in room 117 of the Linguistics building. Jessica Coon will be presenting joint work with Stefan Keine in their paper “Feature Gluttony and Hierarchy Effects”.


This paper offers a new take on a family of hierarchy-effect inducing configurations, including (i) PCC effects (Anagnostopoulou 2005; Nevins 2007), (ii) dative-nominative configurations (Sigurdsson & Holmberg 2008), and (iii) certain copula constructions (Coon, Keine, & Wagner, to appear). Following previous work, we take these configurations to arise in contexts in which two accessible DPs are in the same domain as a single agreeing probe (Béjar & Rezac 2003; Anagnostopoulou 2005). Standard accounts of these hierarchy effects attribute them to failures of nominal licensing, in particular, a Person Licensing Condition (Béjar & Rezac 2003; Preminger 2017). We argue instead that these effects are better understood as arising from properties of probes. We offer a new account which captures commonalities and differences across these constructions, both in terms of the types and specifications of the features involved, as well as in the result of hierarchy violations and their possible repairs.

All are welcome!

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