McGill at MOT 2018

The Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto Workshop on Phonology/Phonetics was held March 24-25 at McMaster University. The following papers were presented by McGill students and faculty:

  • Emily Kellison-Linn and Morgan Sonderegger: ‘A large-scale study of consonant voicing effects on F0 in spontaneous English speech’
  • Jiaer Tao, Francisco Torreira & Meghan Clayards: ‘Durational cues to word boundaries in spontaneous speech’
  • Jeffrey Lamontagne, Heather Goad & Morgan Sonderegger: ‘Morphological and phonological motivations for prominence shifts in French’
  • Heather Goad, McGill and Lisa deMena Travis: ‘Phonological evidence for morpho-syntactic structure in Athabaskan’

Past and present McGillians were well represented:

Emily Elfner (post-doc 2012-2014), Elan Dresher (BA 1971), Jeff Lamontagne, Emily Kellison-Linn, Jiaer Tao, Yeong Woo Park, Heather Goad

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