WORDS Group meeting, 4/10

The next meeting of the Word Structure Research Group will take place on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 12-1:30pm, in DS-3470 at UQAM (http://carte.uqam.ca/pavillon-ds). We will be discussing Kayne & Pollock (2012) and Kayne (2017).

Everyone is welcome!

  • Kayne, Richard S. 2017. Clitic doubling, person and agreement in French hypercomplex inversion.
  • Kayne, Richard S., and Jean-Yves Pollock. 2012. Locality and agreement in French hyper-complex inversion. InFunctional heads:The cartography of syntactic structures, volume 7, ed. Laura Bruge, Anna Cardinaletti, Giuliana Giusti, Nicola Munaro, and Cecilia Poletto. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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