Syntax Reading Group, 10/17

At this week’s Syntax Reading Group meeting, Lisa Travis will be presenting some of her work investigating V(P)-movement within a feature-based movement typology. The following is some suggested background reading:
  • On local VP-movement: Pearson, M. (2000). Two types of VO languages. In The Derivation of VO and OV, pp. 327–363. (Sec. 2 in particular)
  • On A-type VP-movement: Massam, D. and Smallwood, C. (1997). Essential features of predication in English and Niuean. In Proceedings of NELS 27, pp 263–272.
  • On feature-based movement: Chapter 2 of Van Urk, C. (2015). A uniform syntax for phrasal movement: A case study of Dinka Bor. PhD thesis, MIT.
As usual, we will meet Wednesday 1-2pm in Linguistics Room 117. All are welcome!

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