Summer news round-up, part II

Here is part II of what McGill linguists did this summer!

  • A paper on the syntax and semantics of numeral classifiers in Ch’ol appeared in Glossa this summer, co-authored by Alan Bale (PhD ’06), Jessica Coon, and Nicolás Arcos López. It’s titled: “Classifiers, partitions, and measurements: Exploring the syntax and semantics of sortal classifiers.”
  • Meghan Clayards gave a plenary lecture at the 26th International Conference on Sound and Vibration held in Montreal July 7-11 titled “Variability in speech and spoken word recognition”. Her collaborative work with a group at UCL was also published this summer:
    Dong, H., Clayards, M., Brown, H., Wonnacott, E. (2019) The effects of high versus low talker variability and individual aptitude on phonetic training of Mandarin lexical tones. PeerJ, 7, e7191.

ICVS plenary

  • Incoming student Alex Cucinelli attended the annual meeting of the CLA at UBC, and the International Child Phonology Conference at UdeM, presenting posters with Parisa Tarahomi.
  • Thea Knowles (BHons 2011, Postbac 2012-13) has accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University at Buffalo in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences.  Congratulations, Thea!”
  • Junko Shimoyama presented her joint work with Dan Goodhue (PhD 2018) on embedding under quotative ’to’ in Japanese at the RelNomComp workshop at the University of Toronto (June 19-20, 2019). The workshop was associated with her SSHRC grant on non-canonical clausal subordination with co-PI Keir Moulton (UofT, McGill postdoc 2009-11).

    past and present Montrealers pictured: Liz Smeets, Richard Compton (UQAM), Alan Munn (BA 1987), Matthew Schuurman (UQAM)

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