Beginning-of-year welcome Zoom

This year, the annual beginning-of-year Linguistics pizza+introductions gathering was replaced with… a Zoom meeting and break-out sessions. Students, faculty, postdocs, and staff paused for a screenshot:


McLing presents the second edition of VirtualLing, documenting our current virtual lives. Please send your photos and screenshots!

PhD student Vanna Willteron sends a photo of her tidied up office space, noting: “I am proud of how cozy and clean I managed to get it so I wanted to share. I do miss my office mates and the fast school wifi though!” Thanks Vanna, looks great!


Students, staff, and faculty gathered for a departmental Town Hall last week to discuss questions about the coming semester.


A small summer Malagasy reading group has formed for the summer, growing out of the Field Methods class last semester, and bringing in the expertise of Lisa Travis and Ileana Paul. If you’re interested in joining, please contact Jessica for details.

VirtualLing (first edition)

Welcome to the first of potentially many screenshot updates on our virtual linguistics lives. Since we don’t currently get to run into each other in the hall of 1085 Peel, please send screenshots of virtual meetings you have––classes, reading groups, small advising meetings––McLing wants them all.

Course lecturer Natália Brambatti Guzzo is teaching LING 355 ‘Language Acquisition’ in our first full semester online this summer. She delivers lecturers to the 50+ students via Zoom (pictured) and then posts the recordings online for the students who aren’t able to attend synchronously.

Natália Brambatti Guzzo (upper right corner) teaches a slide about the acquisition of questions

Faculty meetings continue by Zoom. Are they starting to miss room 117?


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